søren martinsen
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children of the new age, overgaden - ICA (dk) 2010
The idea of making a film about “the alternative” first came to me many years ago. When the NewAge-concept began to spread like wildfire in the late 8o’s and early 90’s, it was natural to form an opinion of it, and my immediate reaction to the phenomenon at that time was that it was innocent and rather harmless. Also it seemed odd to me that those who believe in the various New Age and alternative therapies often have a great trust in unproven claims of effectiveness, which obviously provoked my rational nature. There seemed at any rate to be a core of blind faith in New Age which I thought it might be interesting to explore. The New Age movement is characterized by a highly distinctive aesthetic, which finds expression in many different forms. There is a predilection for symmetry, symbols and pastel colours, which I have chosen to use as a motif in the film, and which provided the inspiration for a series of 32 drawings presented at the exhibition. These drawing represent a series of improvisations on New Age images, colours and patterns and embrace with the same enthusiasm symmetry, hierarchies, schematization and a fascination with soft colours and shapes. The drawings and their accompanying descriptions are intended to complement and expand on the film and its theme. But they can certainly be viewed independently of the film, and vice versa.

- Søren Martinsen, interview from the catalogue