søren martinsen
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public art work, hedevej plejeboliger, risskov, danmark
this on-site painting installation was commissioned by aarhus kommune for a newly build center (2013) for the elderly, a retirement home where each inhabitant has their own apartment. many of the residents were senile and very weak. the request was for site-specific work of a clear and comprehensible nature, divided into a series of "nature" themes. the artwork was to cover the areas in the hallways and in the shared living rooms, dining room and leisure spaces. the buildings consisted of 5 very long, almost identical floors with hundreds of meters of wall space. My solution was to make a central wallpainting relating to the nature theme and letting it "spill" or be stretched along the walls and into the rooms. the installation took the artist and 8 assistants several thousand hours of work over a full year and was completed in october 2014.
stranden, hus 1, stuen / the beach, house 1, 1. floor
marken, hus 1, 1 sal/ the field, house 2, 2nd floor
heden, hus 2 / the heath, house 2
søen, hus 3, stuen / the lake , house 3, 1st floor
engen, hus 3, 1. sal / the meadow, house 3, 2nd floor