søren martinsen
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bådhuset, sorø akademi, sorø, denmark
following up on the purchase of the painting “dissolve (Sorø)” in 2018 by the sorø academy school, a commission was made by the school for one more new painting in nearly the same dimensions, 200 x 300 cm. the painting was to hang in the newly built and beautifully designed skjalm hvide buliding, where the studens have lunch, study & leasure space. A thorough discussion and research has taken place between the academy headmaster, the artist and the board of the foundations that donate the painting to the academy. we decided to havee the boat house on the shore of the lake on which sorø academy and the academy gardens lie, be the main motif for the work. This rather humble yet iconic house is intimately known to allt eh students and staff: canooing on the lake from that place will be among the first and fondly held experiences for any new student of the academy. this is the reason for the rather extreme POV in the painting, a strictly symmetrical frontal view of the boat house is the POV of the students sailing, so to speak. in the background one sees the rather magical and mysterious academy garden with its iconic trees, and also here, the symmetry that is so prevalent in the planning of the garden and the academy, can be seen. however, the peace is also broken by the jungle-like island floating into the view from the left, incorporating one more significant landscape marker. the work was hung in the academy in february 2019.