søren martinsen
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BYGST, slagelse, denmark

Public art installation for the offices of Arbejstilsynet and Miljøstyrelsen, Antvorskov Allé, 2018.
Customer: BYGST, the national Dansih agency for buliding and development.

Both installations are coloured areas painted directly on the wall in the room, on top of which a selection of graphic prints is hung. The art prints are based on photos from satellites, showing landscapes and agricultural areas where the human influence over nature is especially massive – in this case the motives are from Kansas, USA, where intensive and environmentally damaging agricultural irrigation- and cultivation systems called “Central Pivot Irrigation” create perfectly circular fields next to one another in a geometrical grid. The works are critically calling to attention the ubiquity of the human being as it is evident all over the world in this “Anthropocene Era”, characterised by the presence of traces of human influence in all aspects of life and nature on earth. Thus, the series “21” in the entrance room/social interface for the employees, depict a grid of individual fields which also in reality are adjacent to one another in a rural arean in Kansas. These are displayed on a lavender wall. The three individual pieces “Landscape with Red Square”, “Three white circles” and “Brown Circles” are hung on a på 2-coloured yellow area in the hallway left of the entrance/social area. The art works are unique inkjet prints and are printed on Hanhnemühle photorag paper and framed in museum glass.